Born in Brussels (BELGIUM)Brigitte’s passion for hair and make-up started when she was very young,with a father and brother working as hairdressers she inherited a talent for delivering precise, flawless and breathtaking work.After obtaining her license at the Jaques Dessange hair salon,she moved to Milan where she worked for Italian television.A year later, at the age of 22, she decided to take her passion for art to the next level and moved to London for more diverse and innovative atmosphere. She joined the famous avant-garde “Children of Vision”,a salon renowned for their pioneering work in “monofiber”hair extensions.Brigitte began exploring the more marginal side of her skills in creative hairstyling.She never restricted her artistic endeavours to hair alone. Her search for new horizons led her to a new world of make-up whilst doing a course with Jean-Pierre Finotto. Fashion,advertising, editorial music and video,Brigitte loves the diversity and constantly challenging character of here work environment.Constantly inspired by the world around her, Brigitte's gift to create and transform is unparalleled , from minimalist to theatrical it’s clear that Brigitte governs the entire spectrum of art and fashion.